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    FSI is just what you expect from the only organization working in Washington, D.C. and the states to preserve and protect your ability to deliver independent, affordable financial advice to your clients.

    We provide our members with intelligence on significant industry issues, insight on how to deal with new regulations and what these important industry issues will mean to you, your clients, and your broker-dealer. More, we give you a voice in order to change the laws and regulations that harm your business.

    The following resources can help you stay informed about recent development in our industry:

    Learn more about ways to get involved with FSI by joining the cause.

    Financial Advisor Membership

    Membership for financial advisors is open to any individual partner, director, officer, employee, or independent contractor of a retail broker-dealer. They are eligible for membership even if their companies are not yet members of FSI.

    Joining FSI is an investment in the future of your business. In addition to our steadfast advocacy on your behalf, our exclusive member benefits include: