• FSI Broker-Dealer Financial Performance and Compensation Study

    An important and valuable benefit of FSI Broker-Dealer membership is the opportunity to participate in the annual FSI Broker-Dealer Financial Performance and Compensation Study.

    The Study provides detailed benchmarking data of the independent broker-dealer community. It is issued in two separate reports — one analyzing the financial performance of the broker-dealer firms and the other addressing the compensation of broker-dealer home office personnel.

    How to Participate

    FSI Broker-Dealer members are encouraged to participate in both parts of the Study. The results are presented in the aggregate, with no identifying firm information, so participants may rest assured that their data will remain confidential. FSI Broker-Dealer members may download the two survey instruments using the links below:

    Completed surveys should be e-mailed to FA Insight at fsisurvey@fainsight.com by Friday, April 26. The FA Insight staff is available to answer any questions you have during the survey process and to help you convert your data to the survey format, if necessary. They may be reached at via email or at (206) 826-4382.

    If the survey does not entirely fit on your monitor's screen, try adjusting the magnification of the document. To do so, in Excel click on View, then select Zoom. Click the button for your preferred percentage, and then click "OK" to activate the change. Note that if you are zooming in at higher percentages you may experience minor instances of text overlapping. To avoid this possibility, view the survey at 100% and navigate to the outer edges of the survey with your scroll bar if needed.

    Only FSI Broker-Dealer member firms are eligible to participate in the survey or receive a copy of the Study. It is not available for purchase to anyone else.

    Participant Benefits

    Study participants will receive:

    • A complimentary copy of the report(s) for which they submit survey data;
    • A confidential customized Benchmark Performance Report which compares their own firm’s metrics with industry averages; and
    • A complimentary one-hour telephone consultation with the Study provider, FA Insight.

    Complimentary Study Reports will be distributed to all participants in early August.

    How to Purchase

    FSI Broker-Dealer members who did not participate in the Study may purchase the Study at a price of $2,000 for any one report, or $3,500 for both.






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    Who to Contact

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Kathryn Anderson
    Director of Corporate Relations
    678 436 5544
    Email Kathryn